Monday, June 13, 2011

Katalog Edisi 4/2011

Promosi bulanan Tupperware kembali lagi.

Katalog Edisi 4/2011.

Bermula dari 16 May - 30 June 2011.

Diskaun 10% + + bagi setiap pembelian dari DJ Tupperware!

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Save them fresher in shades so cool.
For better food storage.
The Snowflake Wonders Challenge.
Differentiate your snacks by colour!
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There's one for every occasion.
It gets cold a lot faster!
Retains freshness and great taste as good as the moment it's frozen!
Has never been this chic!
With family and friends... and everlasting style.
It's fun, fun, fun!
And friends that quench.
Takes only One Touch to keep it all fresh and crispy.
Just stack high and deep
Keep ingredients safe to eat from vermins.
To fresh-tasting perfection
That will brighten any corner.

*sementara stok masih ada.

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